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The Purpose Companion

The Blessing Map® - Package of 5

The Blessing Map® - Package of 5

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Please note, this mapping process is officially protected under the copyright registration number below. Any reproduction and/or distribution of the map and/or its contents is strictly prohibited. Using it without purchase or permission, even for personal use is stealing.

TXu-2-302-576 Effective date: Feb 7, 2022

Our HIGHLY requested PRINTED Blessing Maps are finally here🎉 Blessing Mapping© is something that God gave our founder, Krystal Portorreal during prayer time one evening. She was struggling with hope and direction for her life, and God told her to begin writing down her blessings. It's so easy to focus on where we are NOT and what is NOT happening, so this was an opportunity to change her mindset!

From there, God showed her a literal map, and she began to draw out what is now The Blessing Map®

Many times, blessings are clues to our next level. God will bless us in the places he is leading us to, but many times, we completely miss what God is trying to point us to.

This roadmap is a way to slow you down and give you direction. A way to help you see where God may be leading you and where he is looking for your attention.

Did you skip over a blessing and miss what God has waiting for you or pivotal direction He has for you? 

Grab your Blessing Map® packet in our LUSH, quality printed paper 

NOTE: This is a printed booklet and it will be shipped.

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